The Best Farm Books for Kids: A Picture Book Collection

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A white gravel road leads up to a red barn with white trim and white fencing up on a hill. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and the sun is just starting to set behind the trees.

This booklist includes more than 35 farm books for kids with an emphasis on quality literature. I have included books that are commonly found at local libraries. I hope most of these books are accessible to you. Our favorite farm books are marked with an asterisk(*).

Reading is one of my favorite things to do with my kids. I have been reading to them ever since they were teeny tiny. I do my best to keep our library book bag full, their book baskets overflowing, and every room with a stack of books easily accessible for their little hands.

My priority is to provide them with rich literature. I want books that encourage them to cherish the blessings in life, challenge them to be a better person, to strive for honor and honesty. Good books that feed the soul. Books that will become old friends. Friends to speak about and return to when you need a quiet moment or a moment to enter another world. Thus, I hope you find a literary gem on this farm book list that sparks your children’s imagination and challenges them to find beauty and honor.

I’m always on the hunt for rich literature. I will continue to add my new farm finds here to the farm books for kids booklist.

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1. A Home in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown*

This is a classic farm book! Winter has arrived, and with it, a cold wind. The wind’s presence is evident on almost every page as the animals seek warmth and shelter in the barn.

2. The Hundred-Year Barn by Patricia MacLachlan*

This wonderful book is written from the perspective of a little boy who watches his community help his dad build the Hundred-Year Barn. The barn becomes a beloved landmark of his childhood. This red barn is more than a shelter. It is a symbol of peace, stability, and friendship. While building the barn, a dearly loved item is lost, only to be found many years later by the boy, now a man.

3. Sleep Tight Farm by Eugenie Doyle*

Winter is here. It is time for the farm to rest. But first, preparations must be made before putting the farm to a well-deserved rest. This book beautifully illustrates and informs about the tasks and seasons on the family farm.

4. Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall*

Sophie Blackall beautifully illustrates the daily life and the stories of the farmhouse. It truly is a beautiful book that allows you to peek through the windows and experience the joy of the farmhouse. This is a must-read on farm books for kids.

5. Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie: A Story about Edna Lewis by Robbin Gourley

Edna Lewis was a female African American chef who strongly advocated for fresh, in-season ingredients and was a true artist of farm-to-table meals, refining the view of southern cooking. Without the conveniences of the modern grocery store, Edna’s family lives off the land and cherishes each provision of nature. The book includes five kid-friendly recipes, and I cannot wait to try them with my kids. Another one that is a must-read for farm books for kids.

6. Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin*

I would be demanding an electric blanket too. The cows found an old typewriter in the barn and began making demands. We love the Click Clack Moo series!

Other Farm Books for Kids From the Click, Clack series that we love:

7. Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox*

Oh, the anticipation! Hattie tries to express her concern about something hiding in the bushes, but the other barnyard animals don’t seem to be taking her seriously. This is one of my toddler’s favorite books. Hattie has become a true friend over the years.

8. Barn Dance! by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault*

A young boy sneaks out of his bedroom to experience a nighttime barnyard dance led by a scarecrow with a fiddle. My child was so concerned about his missing sock.

9. Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle*

Beep! Beep! can be heard around the farm as the Little Blue Truck is always friendly and always greets all the farm animals. After helping someone in need, he finds himself stuck trying to get the “important” dump truck out of the mud. Everyone lends a hand to help the Little Blue Truck.

Other farm books for kids from the Little Blue Truck Series that we love:

10. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children*

The author, James, shares his experiences with animals and farmers as a veterinarian in the British countryside. The pages are filled with adorable animals with spunky and courageous personalities. James’ warm love and care shine bright in every story. This truly is a treasure of a book. And one of the classic books to add to your children’s bookshelf and add to your bedtime stories.

11. A Little House Picture Book Treasury by Laura Ingalls Wilder*

This treasury includes six stories filled with adventures of the pioneer family. The family lives off the land on a frontier unfamiliar to today’s little readers.

12. Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay*

This is a book of good humor. We continually borrow this gem at our local library. Sheep Sheep is a silly sheep who discovers she is a Dog Sheep. She does her best to help the sheepdog prepare for his job of watching the sheep.

13. Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone*

This is a classic story of reaping what you sow. When the little red hen asks for help from all the different animals, no one wants to help. So, she is left to do all the work herself.

14. Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown*

The simple yet rhythmic text describes the animals on the farm and provides a little glimpse into a day on the farm at the big red barn. This is a simple but good book.

15. Cock-a-doodle-doo, Creak, Pop-pop, Moo by Jim Aylesworth

Experience the daily rhythm of farm life with the animals, chores, and family time.

16. Early One Morning by Mem Fox

A little boy goes on a hunt in search of something special for the breakfast table. Along the way, he sees many farm animals. He finds what he is looking for and then enjoys breakfast with his grandmother.

17. Around the Farm by Eric Carle

A 30-button sound book with all the animals from around the farm with beautiful illustrations by Eric Carle.

18. Dream Snow by Eric Carle

The farmer has completed his day taking care of his five animals. He dreams of snow and wakes up to a blanket of snow on the farm. He quickly remembers it’s Christmas and brings holiday cheer to his animals.

19. Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm by Joy Cowley

The animals on Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s farm are not too fond of a bath and decide to run away. But after an adventure into town, they realize they prefer to be squeaky clean and return to Mrs. Wishy-Washy.

20. All Kinds of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri

This book includes simple text and adorable animals. Mamas cuddle and cherish their babies. Also, follow the bird in the background through the illustrations as she returns worms and bugs to her little ones in the nest.

21. Farming Strong, All Year Long by Sherri Duskey Rinker

See all the work the trucks and farm vehicles are responsible for through the seasons on the farm. Little ones who love construction, farm machinery, and tractors will enjoy this tractor book.

22. Farming by Gail Gibbons

This is a great educational book about farming through the seasons.

23. Right This Very Minute a table-to-farm book by Lisl Detlefsen

This is an informative book on how food gets to the table. This book is an excellent tool for teaching kids about where their food comes from and all the hard work that goes into each meal.

24. Farmer’s Market Day by Shanda Trent

Take a trip to the Farmer’s market with this little girl and her family.

25. Tractor Mac Autumn is Here by Billy Steers

Fergus, a little calf who fears change, becomes quite nervous about all the changes that fall brings to the farm. But he learns to appreciate the changes of the season.

26. The Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor Book by Jez Alborough

This is such a fun farm book for young children. While Farmer Dougal sleeps, Sheep hops on the tractor, making tractor noises and pretending to drive the tractor. The other barnyard friends join in with all kinds of fun animal and tractor noises. Be prepared to read this one again and again.

27. Hogwash! by Karma Wilson

The farmer decides to bathe all the farm animals, except he struggles to wash his stubborn pigs. This book is now out of print. Look for it at the local library or secondhand bookstores.

28. Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive by Karma Wilson

Two cows are driving a blue truck down a country road with chickens and sheep fleeing from the truck's path.
Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive by Karma Wilson

Mabel and Molly take the farmer’s truck on an adventure into town. I was unable to find this one reasonably priced. I would place this book on my thrift list or local library hold.

29. Horseplay by Karma Wilson

Four horses are acting silly with goofy grins in the front of a red barn while a farmer peers out from the window of the hayloft with a look of concern.
Horseplay! by Karma Wilson

The horses keep playing all night and sleeping all day. The horses are not getting their work done. The farmer is concerned. I was unable to find this one reasonably priced. I would place this book on my thrift list or local library hold.

30. The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble

I love how this little girl nonchalantly tells her inquisitive mom about her field trip to the farm as the little girl is putting on an astronaut costume. Also, I have empathy for this teacher. Goodness me! Throwing eggs and corn cobs are not okay.

31. Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell

Duck becomes tired after doing all the farmer’s chores on the farm, and the other barn animals take action to help the duck out. My husband and girls love this one. Call me a party pooper. I know a lot of farmers, and I have never met a lazy farmer. Maybe that’s part of the humor in the book. But I am proud of these animals for standing up for each other.

32. Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me Retold by Blake Hoena

Introduce a classic song to your little ones with this picture book. A pesky little fly irritates the cow. The poor cow wants to be left alone to go about her life.

33. Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-Bop! by Michael Ian Black

Mel gets tired of just the same crow every morning. He decides he wants to change it up. But his new crow doesn’t get the sun to rise.

34. I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian

All the farm animals love their clothes and sing about each item as they ride on the tractor with Farmer Brown.

35. Kiss the Cow by Phyllis Root

Luella is the magic milk cow. Sing a song, and kiss her on the nose, and she provides all the milk for the many children. But a stubborn girl milks Luella without a kiss, and the children get hungry. This book is now out of print. Look for it at the local library or secondhand bookstores.

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– With Great Joy, Katie

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A white gravel road leads up to a red barn with white trim and white fencing up on a hill. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and the sun is just starting to set behind the trees.

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  1. Oh these books are adorable! When my eldest (now 21) was younger, the only farm book I can remember was chicken little! How far we have come, It’s important for children to develop an affinity for animals early on xxx

  2. This is a healthy list of books. Over the weekend, I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to pick out a few books. We actually have two of the books from the list-Click Clack Moo and Little Blue Truck.

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