How to Organize a Homeschool Preschool Cart: rolling storage

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how to organize a homeschool preschool cart with bold font and picture of turquoise rolling cart with essential school supplies and books for preschool students.

Our homeschool preschool cart is an adored addition to our homeschool journey. It fits perfectly in our small space, symbolizing our modest beginnings as we grow and learn together. While our primary learning spot is our dining room, the cart often travels to our back porch. I dream of bookshelves brimming with enriching books for all ages and creating an ideal homeschooling haven. For now, we make the most of our compact space. What I love most is the cart’s convenience and effortless cleanup. After school time, we simply roll our homeschool cart back to the closet.

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What is a Homeschool Cart?

A homeschool cart is a metal rolling cart designed with shelves to neatly store and organize essential daily school supplies and books. These carts typically feature two or three tiers, along with extra magnetic hangers and accessories for added functionality to your homeschool cart organization.

We have the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart in turquoise.

A homeschool preschool rolling cart in color turquoise filled with essential homeschool supplies, art supplies, books, and hands-on activities.

What is the Purpose of a Homeschool Preschool Cart?

The rolling homeschool preschool cart serves various purposes and offers benefits like reducing home clutter, providing easy access, allowing flexibility, maximizing storage, and reducing stress. Additionally, the cart can be assigned to each student, a specific subject, or for arts and crafts.

The shelves are versatile for arranging essential school supplies, art materials, composition notebooks, school books, teacher’s guides, and other frequently used items. Hanger tiles are ideal for hanging flashcards on a binder ring. You can also use suction hooks and magnetic containers for additional storage.

When to Use a Homeschool Preschool Cart?

A rolling utility cart provides easy access to school supplies for a flexible learning schedule. During homeschool days, simply bring out the cart for school time and put it away when learning is done. Currently, we use our preschool homeschool cart in the morning for learning and in the afternoon for hands-on activities. When not in use, the cart is stored in a closet. Although we are in the preschool homeschooling stage, these carts can also organize subjects with additional resources like science and math. They are useful for unit studies to arrange hands-on activities, books, supplies, and other materials needed for the study.

Where to Use a Homeschool Cart for Preschool?

A homeschool preschool cart is versatile and can be moved to any room in your home to facilitate learning. Our kitchen table serves as our main homeschool area, but the cart makes frequent trips to the back porch on beautiful days. It can also be easily transported to a schoolroom, living room, or any designated learning spot within your house. This cart is ideal for a small space.

What’s in Our Homeschool Preschool Cart?

how to organize a homeschool preschool cart supplies for the first shelf. Objects include a homeschool morning menu, plastic container of dry erase pens, dry eraser, play dough, and flashcards, bag with daily routine cards, white board, and a craft bag.

On the Top Shelf: The Subject and Morning Time Tray

On the top shelf, I keep a file box for our morning menu, worksheets, construction paper, extra pages for the morning menu, notebooks, a dry-erase board, and a selection of picture books. Additionally, I keep a small plastic container stocked with a dry eraser, flashcards, dry-erase markers, a tub of play dough, and manipulatives. To add some creativity, there’s a craft bag with pipe cleaners, craft pom-poms, and other fun crafting supplies. Other recommendations include teacher’s guides, workbooks, textbooks, and other essential books and learning resources.

Here is what I keep on our top tier:

File Holder
  • Construction paper
  • worksheets and activity books
  • Notebooks
  • Dry-erase board
  • Picture books
  • Morning Menu
Small Plastic Container
Craft Bag
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Craft pom-poms
  • Tub of play dough

On the Middle Shelf: The Essential Supplies

how to organize a homeschool preschool rolling cart items gathered in one picture that are arranged on the second shelf which include kid safety scissors, watercolors, brush, close pins, markers, color pencils, glue sticks, crayons, stapler, hole puncher, and tape.

The second tier holds a repurposed utensil organizer to organize essential school supplies.

Here you will find the following list of supplies:

  • watercolor paints
  • paint brushes
  • glue sticks
  • painter’s tape
  • washi tape
  • chalk
  • hole puncher
  • color pencils
  • crayons
  • markers
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • tape
  • scissors
  • paper clips
  • close pins

On the Bottom Shelf: The Hands-On Activity Storage

how to organize a homeschool preschool cart items on the third shelf include hands-on activities such as a sensory bin also known as a writing tray filled with colored rice, wooden letters, colorful manipulatives, and tongs.

The third tier is dedicated to hands-on learning activities, like our sensory tray (or writing tray), which I frequently refresh with engaging themed manipulatives and a sensory filler such as colored rice or sand. I store the tray in a plastic bag but a plastic bin with a lid would work lovely. Additionally, I provide tools like tongs, a magnifying glass, wooden letters, resin numbers, and a variety of objects or printouts for added enjoyment.

Save Some Money and Repurpose a Few Items

You can often arrange your homeschooling cart by using items found around your home or repurposed objects that have been tucked away, such as:

  • plastic storage containers
  • pencil puches
  • file boxes
  • baskets
  • recycled tin cans
  • plastic caddies
  • magnetic cups
  • hooks
  • clips
  • mason jars
  • coffee cans

What Should I Put in My Homeschool Preschool Cart?

More ideas for what to include in your homeschool cart:

  • craft supplies
  • student workbooks
  • teacher’s guides
  • language arts resources
  • nature finds and books such as nature anatomy for nature study
  • composition notebooks for journaling
  • additional worksheets
  • coloring books
  • flash cards
  • timer
  • various art mediums
  • finger paint
  • dot markers
  • magnets
  • puzzles
  • stickers
  • stamps and ink pad
  • blocks
  • calculator
  • ruler

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how to organize a homeschool preschool cart with bold font and picture of turquoise rolling cart with essential school supplies and books for preschool students.

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