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Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Printable arranged on a baby boy blue background.

Make dad feel celebrated with this Fun FREE Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Printable. Father’s Day has a way of sneaking up on me. I always want Dad to feel appreciated and loved. I have found that doing a simple activity like a scavenger hunt is an activity everyone in the family can participate in. The best part is that it requires minimal preparation, which is always a win for me.

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Why do a Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger hunts are a fun idea for any occasion because they are versatile and can be adapted to any situation, age, and ability. It is a fun way to add family fun to your celebrations and everyone can join. Scavenger hunts can be a great way to spend quality time together while building memories and strengthening family bonds. Kids of all ages will have fun celebrating Dad.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Printable with checkboxes followed by fun items. Bold text and heading decorated with a garland of sunglasses, a watch, and ties. The background image includes colorful pattern ties arranged in a fun pattern.

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Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable Checklist Items

All you need is a piece of paper or a screenshot from your phone. Get creative with the rest.

1. Start Dad’s BIG day off by showering him with sweet cards made by kiddos.

3 Ideas for a Simple Father’s Day Cards from Kids:

  1. Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card by Crystal from Our Kid Things.
  2. Father’s Day Card to Color by Kim from The Best Ideas for Kids
  3. Father’s Day Love Bug Cards by Glued to My Crafts

2. Share a Snack with Dad

Because snacks are always the way to start any fun activity or special occasion. My kiddos picked out Dad’s favorite snack on our grocery run. Snacks are better shared with the people we love. Everyone piled up in Dad’s favorite chair and enjoyed a little snack together.

3. Make Dad His Favorite Treat

I love making memories in the kitchen and homemade treats always make people feel loved and appreciated. We made his favorite chocolate chip cookies. HERE is the recipe (we don’t always do the whipped cream filling; it’s slightly messy 🙂 ). We saved the cookies to celebrate towards the end of the day.

4. Make Dad Smile

What makes Dad smile? Dad jokes, silly faces, odd noises, tickles, dance moves, etc. I love seeing what kids come up with to make their dads smile.

5. Wear Dad’s Most Colorful Tie

In our house, Dad’s hats and ties are usually found all over the house because our two little girls love to wear them. So, this item made the list.

6. Play a Game with Dad

Does Dad love board games or card games? We played I Spy because my babies are both little and haven’t developed the attention for board games. And, if I am being honest, I might be too competitive to play board games like Risk on Dad’s special day. Don’t worry. I am working on this area in my life. 🙂

7. Find Dad’s Favorite Tool

Yep. My kid found Dad’s fishing pole.

8. Take a Picture with Dad

This Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable is a simple tradition. Save a picture from each year and add it to a photo album. Make a brief note about the day and maybe some of the things the kids choose as Dad’s favorite things.

9. Give Dad a Hug

Fun Fact: “A 20-second hug reduces the harmful effects of stress, relieves blood pressure, and ensures a healthy heart.” I would say that’s a good excuse for hugs or high-fives to be added to this Scavenger Hunt

10. Walk in Dad’s Shoes

Kids love dressing up in their mom’s and dad’s clothes and shoes. Let them have some fun walking in Dad’s shoes. Do you have older kids? Using dad’s (least favorite) shoes, have a relay race. These items are to get you started. Always feel free to add any fun activities.

11. Fix Dad a Drink

This was a big deal for my girls. They each grabbed a step stool and filled a cup with ice and water. Allowing your kids to offer and serve people food and drink in their homes encourages them to be good hosts and practice hospitality.

12. Throw a Ball with Dad

Start up a basketball game, play catch, or just roll the ball with little children in the home. This idea can be a great activity for the whole family.

13. Find Something Dad’s Favorite Color

This one gets them thinking about Dad and could spark some fun conversations.

14. Listen to Dad’s Favorite Song

Do your kids play instruments, like to dance, or sing? Make this item a creative activity, and see what your kids create.

15. Find Something that is Special to Dad

I always find these scavenger hunts or asking kids simple questions about their moms and dads to be vulnerable moments. What do you kids think is important to you?

16. Find Something that Dad Made

According to my toddlers, Daddy made everything.

17. Draw a Picture of Dad

Seeing kids’ pictures of their dads and moms maybe my favorite thing.

18. Find Dad’s Favorite Book

This one got me tickled. My oldest (who is at this time three years old) choose Mr. Brown Can Moo as Dad’s favorite book. 🙂

19. Find Something that Dad Uses Everyday

Maybe a toothbrush, his phone, his car, etc. What did your kiddo choose?

20. Find Something that Makes Him Smile

It’s always good to end on a good note. I hope you have a wonderful and fun Father’s Day. I hope you enjoyed this scavenger hunt. It’s a special Father’s Day gift to share time and memories with the ones you love the most.

How to Use This Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Printable?


  • Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable
  • Pen
  • Supplies to make a simple card for Dad
  • Snack and Drink for Dad
  • Supplies to make Dad’s favorite treat
  • Camera
  • Ball


  1. First, Download and Print off Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable.
  2. Next, gather the supplies listed above.
  3. Then, check off as many items as possible from the checklist. Perform as a family or maybe one-on-one time with Dad.
I hope you and your family have so much fun with this activity and make this a Father’s Day tradition. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!

Ideas for Family-Friendly Fun for this Father’s Day

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Sliced fresh watermelon with bright green rind laying on a red and white checkered picnic blanket ready for a picnic snack with preschoolers, toddlers, and their families.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies for Dad

chocolate chip cookie sandwich with whipped cream filling and sprinkles resting on a chalkboard tray

Get the Recipe for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie HERE.

Outdoor Adventure Books

A little girl stands looking at a creek ready for an outdoor adventure.

Get the Booklist HERE.

Thanks for Stopping by!

Finally, I want to thank you for stopping by! If you enjoy this scavenger hunt, please let me know in the comment section. I have so many ideas and would love to share them with you. I’ll come back and update with our pictures, or you can follow Mud Pies with Sprinkles on Instagram.

– With Great Joy, Katie


Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Printable arranged on a baby boy blue background.

How to Use This Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printable?

Celebrate Dad with a FREE Family-Fun Father's Day Scavenger Hunt.


  • Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Printable
  • Pen
  • Supplies to make a simple card for Dad
  • Supplies to make Dad's favorite treat
  • Dad's favorite snack and drink
  • Camera
  • Ball


  • First, Download and Print off Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Printable.
  • Next, gather the supplies listed above.
  • Then, check off as many items as possible from the checklist. Perform as a family or maybe one-on-one time with Dad. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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