Free Printable Toddler Flash Cards: Color Flashcards

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Examples of Blue, purple, and green printable toddler flash cards with color corresponding images on the color flashcard.

Printable toddler flash cards. These fun color flashcards feature digital watercolor images of nature to help young children learning colors, practice sorting and matching. There are many interactive and fun ways to use these printable toddler flash cards, and the set is FREE. Grab these print cards to help support your children’s language, early reading skills, and literacy development today. Don’t fret over me calling them toddler flashcards, that term helps make my educational resources searchable on Google. This free flashcard set can be used with kids of all ages! The early years of learning are so much fun and free educational materials and resources make it even better! Find many benefits and methods for these color flash cards towards the end of the post.

What’s included in the Free Printable Toddler Flash Cards Color Flashcard Pack?

  • 11 4″ x 6″ print cards. Three cards per page. Each flash card features a color with corresponding digital watercolor images from nature. Each color is spelled out in easy to read font with color coordinated border. Colors included: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, brown, and gray.

Here is an example of what is included in this card set. The cards feature one color with color coordinated images found in nature. Except balloons, I did add a few balloons. 🙂

Example of the Blue color flashcard in the free printable toddler flash cards color pack including blue corresponding watercolor images such as blue fish, blue parrot, blueberries and more.
Example of Blue Color Flashcard

How to get your Free Printable Toddler Flash Cards Color Flashcard Pack?

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Currently, I am a stay at home mama with two beautiful preschool-age children. I want to be able to offer these resources for FREE as I develop them for my kids. In order for my products to remain free, I need visits to my website. If you share these products please share by referring them to my website and email subscription. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. If you have any difficulties find me on Instagram @mudpieswithsprinkles and send me a DM. That is the best way to get a hold of me.

How to Print the Free Color Flash Cards Printable?

Print. Cut. Laminate.

The pdf file includes 5 pages with 3 cards on each page. Print the cards at home, local library, or store. Each card has cut lines to help you neatly cut them. Laminate the cards to increase durability and longevity. For at home lamination, you can use self adhesive sheets or contact paper without needing a machine. I have used both and tend to use whatever method I find cheaper.

Ways to Increase Durability and Longevity of Nature Color Flash Cards

print on card stock

Cardstock is the preferred choice of paper because it is thicker and cannot be as easily destroyed by little hands.


Highly recommend laminating the print cards for increased durability. Laminating the cards also allows your child to write on the flash cards with a dry erase marker, take them outdoors, easily wipe off, and use other sensory and hands-on activities while decreasing the risk of tearing.

What are the benefits of using color flashcards with kids?

Color flash cards are powerful tools and a fun educational resource.

Here are a few benefits of using color flash cards at home and in the classroom:

  • develop color recognition
  • improve organizing and sorting skills
  • learn letters of the alphabet
  • improve memory skills by learning and reviewing colors and words
  • practice find motor skills with card manipulation
  • increase environmental awareness through fun color scavenger hunts with color cards
  • develop language skills in a interactive and fun way
  • inspire creativity by using color cards for storytelling

How can I use free printable flash cards?

Color flash cards provide excellent learning opportunities for young learners. There are lots of different ways to use these printable toddler flash cards with your little learners.

Here are a few ways to use these color flash cards at home and in the classroom:

  • show your child the card, discussing color and corresponding colorful objects
  • ask your child to point to the color word and repeat the sound
  • color recognition
  • perform a color search. A letter scavenger hunt is always fun.
  • use color cards to sort out colorful manipulates during sensory play
  • unscramble the cards into the color of the rainbow. This is an advanced skill.
  • play musical chairs (musical cards). Place cards in a circle and have your child walk around the outside of the circle and stop the music, the letter your child stops on let them practice working on reading the color and recalling objects that match the color
  • writing in the sand on a small tray. A little bit of sensory play. 🙂

Add these activities to lesson plans, circle time (small group), hands-on learning time, field trip, nature walk, and nature study unit for a perfect way to enhance your kids or students language development. These cards would make a great addition to your writing center as you introduce new word lists.

Always supervise your children when playing with printables. Young children could chew on cards which can lead to choking.

How to store flash cards?

Color flash cards can be stored in a pocket chart (DIY pocket chart), note card file box, and fun pouches. You could also hole punch them and fasten with a ring binder but this might affect the durability of the print cards.

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Examples of Blue, purple, and green printable toddler flash cards with color corresponding images on the color flashcard.

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