Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

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Free Printables for Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Bundle with three examples of picture finds, booklists, and lists, including indoor and outdoor hunts, decorated with watercolor Christmas-themed images.

Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable: Holiday Season Fun. These FREE Christmas Scavenger Hunts are a fun way for kids of all ages to spend time outdoors, breath fresh air, expand their imagination, build their confidence, and further develop skills, including reading skills, problem-solving skills, social skills, and more. Don’t worry, I included a list with indoor items too because sometimes the weather just doesn’t play nice. These Christmas themed scavenger hunt printables can be used by the entire family. The picture finds are included for the younger kids who cannot read yet. There are many interactive and fun ways to use these free printables, and the set is FREE. Find many benefits and methods for these fun Christmas activities towards the end of the post.

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The best part of these activities is that they are enjoyable for children of all ages. The Printable Scavenger Hunts were a huge hit but don’t overlook the bonus booklists and Christmas bucket list bingo. These low-prep, easy activities are the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy time together.

What’s included in the Free Printable Christmas Family Fun Bundle?

  • 13 page-set including a Christmas bucket list bingo, Christmas-themed booklist for kids (40 picture book recommendations), 2 list scavenger hunts, and 2 picture find scavenger hunts. These fun outdoor and indoor scavenger hunts are simple activities that can be done in your own neighborhood or park. Each free printable Christmas scavenger hunt would be a great activity to add to a family fun day or any occasion with kids.

Here are two examples of what is included in this Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable Bundle

Free Printables for Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Bundle with three examples of scavenger lists, including indoor and outdoor hunts, decorated with watercolor Christmas-themed images.
Christmas Scavenger Hunt List
Free Printables for Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Bundle with three examples of scavenger picture finds for young kids, including indoor and outdoor hunts, decorated with watercolor Christmas-themed images.
Christmas Scavenger Picture Find

How to get your Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable Bundle?

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Currently, I am a stay at home mama with two beautiful preschool-age children. I want to be able to offer these resources for FREE as I develop them for my kids. In order for my products to remain free, I need visits to my website. If you share these products please share by referring them to my website and email subscription. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. If you have any difficulties find me on Instagram @mudpieswithsprinkles and send me a DM. That is the best way to get a hold of me.

How to Print Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable Bundle?


The pdf file includes 13 pages. Print at home, local library, or store. The pages contain low to moderate levels of color to help draw the attention and delight of younger children. I have also included a black and white option to help reduce the cost of ink.


I highly recommend printing on cardstock and laminating the scavenger hunts and bucket list bingo printables for increased durability and for continued use. Laminating the printables allows your child to mark off completed boxes with a dry-erase marker.

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What are the benefits of using Scavenger Hunts with Kids?

Playing is learning. Scavenger hunts are a perfect activity to get kids to engage their imagination and problem-solving skills. These printables are not another activity that entertains but rather educates and connects families and kids.

Here are a few benefits of using these Scavenger Hunt Printables at home and in the classroom:

  • improve reading skills
  • challenge problem-solving skills
  • increase social skills (if performed with other kids or family members)
  • increase confidence
  • practice fine motor skills (managing a tactile list)
  • improve multi-tasking skills
  • challenge focusing and attention skills
  • improve body awareness
  • challenge safety awareness and ability to follow boundaries
  • improve following instructions
  • practice time management and self-pacing (if timed)
  • improve visual scanning

How can I use these Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printables?

Using the free Christmas scavenger hunts can be as simple as printing off the free printable, giving your child a writing utensil (or stickers), and supervising them outdoors/indoors while they hunt for the different items.

Here are a few ways to use the Scavenger Hunt Printables:

  • download and print off scavenger hunts
  • take a screenshot of the printable
  • call out the different items one by one
  • pair off in teams to work together

Need a Challenge for Older Kids:

  • create a time limit
  • add more adjectives or numbers to specific items on the list
  • provide a camera to create photo scavenger hunts
  • provide pen and paper for them to draw or journal about each item
  • require a set goal such as 2000 steps during the outdoor hunt (if you have a step counter)
  • add friendly competition between small groups to win fun prizes, candy canes, and non-candy treats

Add this fun activity to lesson plans, part of a themed Christmas week, (or Christmas school) group work, hands-on learning time outdoors, and early learning fun for a great way to enhance your kids’ or students’ language development, observational skills, following directions, and communication skills.

Complement this activity with a fun Christmas game, more free Christmas printables, a simple Christmas craft, and other fun christmas ideas.

Always supervise your children when playing with printables. Young children could chew on paper (or other craft markers such as marker caps, craft pom-poms etc), which can lead to choking.

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More Booklists And Free Printables Coming Soon!

Thanks for Stopping By!

Lastly, I want to thank you for stopping by! Please say Hi in the comment section and share one of your favorite family Christmas traditions. This is our first year incorporating a Christmas bucket list with my girls, and we already love it. It’s packed with holiday fun and festive Christmas items. I have the Christmas Bucket List printable taped near our school table. They are already marking off the boxes one by one with a heart stickers. There is already great anticipation about the Christmas movies and hot chocolate. My little is just beginning special traditions at Christmas time to Christmas crafts, homemade ornaments, advent candles, making gingerbread man cookies, and picture book advent.

Come grow with us by joining our monthly mailing list. I hope you have a beautiful day and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I truly appreciate your support and kindness.

– With Great Joy, Katie


Free Printables for Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Bundle with three examples of picture finds, booklists, and lists, including indoor and outdoor hunts, decorated with watercolor Christmas-themed images.

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