Easy Homeschool Preschool Morning Menu: Free Printables

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Homeschool preschool morning menu farm-themed free printables arranged together including images of watercolor barnyard, icons for each season, watercolor apple and fun gold stars on the background.

Homeschool Preschool Morning Menu, Farm-Themed and FREE! Morning menus can be used for a wide variety of ages. This free bundle focuses on the early years. We are taking a gentle and loving approach to preschool, incorporating read alouds and morning menus. Reading and these meaningful menus have become one of our favorite parts of our morning time schedule.

Place these free printables in your homeschool morning basket time inside a sheet protector or tuck them inside a restaurant menu accompanied with dry-erase markers.

This farm morning menu printable bundle features digital watercolor images of farm animals and objects found around the farmhouse alongside prewriting, calendar skills, worksheets for each letter from A to Z, and shape it/form it letter pages. There are many interactive and fun ways to use these meaningful menus, and the set is FREE. Grab this printable morning menu bundle to help support your children’s language and literacy development today. The early years of learning are so fun and free educational resources can make it a little bit more enjoyable! Find many benefits and methods for using homeschool preschool morning menu towards the end of this post.

What’s included in the homeschool preschool morning menu set? Farm-themed

  • 63 printables (8.5″ x 11″). The free printables set includes a menu cover sheet; calendar sheet with month, day, and weather; prewriting worksheets with various lines and shapes to trace, A-Z worksheets with one page per letter, featuring ___ upper and lower case letters and letter find, large letter alphabet with corresponding farm-theme object; shape it and form it pages for each letter of the alphabet; and apple counting to #25. I’ll continue to update the file as we add more age appropriate pages.

Here is an example of what is included in the free morning menu bundle.

Homeschool preschool morning menu farm-themed free printable with watercolor apple and outline of the letter A and a black and white chalkboard with white letters on a wooden canvas.

How to get your Free Preschool Morning Menu?

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Currently, I am a stay at home mama with two beautiful preschool-age children. I want to be able to offer these resources for FREE as I develop them for my kids. In order for my products to remain free, I need visits to my website. If you share these products please share by referring them to my website and email subscription. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. If you have any difficulties, find me on Instagram @mudpieswithsprinkles and send me a DM. That is the best way to get a hold of me.

Homeschool preschool morning menu farm-themed free printable with watercolor snowman, spring purple flower, bright yellow sun, blue and gray clouds, and a storm cloud with a watercolor barn animal footer. A large watercolor pink calendar rests on the printable for decoration.

How to Print the Morning Menu?


The pdf file includes 63 pages. Print at home, local library, or store. The pages contain low to moderate levels of color to help draw the attention and delight of younger children.

What are the benefits of using Morning Menus in preschool homeschool?

Homeschool preschool morning menus are powerful tools and a fun educational resource.

Here are a few benefits of using a morning time menu at home and in the classroom:

  • protect your family culture and morning routine by coming together to learn in a gentle and loving environment (right in your own living room or learning space)
  • lay a foundation for reading and writing skills
  • develop language skills in a interactive and fun way
  • learn the letters of the alphabet and the corresponding words
  • improve memory skills by learning and reviewing the alphabet and corresponding words
  • learn farm vocabulary and build a large word bank to improve communication skills
  • improve letter recognition
  • practice fine motor skills with the form and shape pages
  • learn letter sounds
  • increase your child’s independence with their school by establishing morning menus in their morning meeting
  • practice writing their names, address, and phone numbers
  • recognize and observe the changes of the seasons, months, and days
Homeschool preschool morning menu farm-themed free printable with a watercolor red barn, rain cloud, green tractor, corn field, horse, and hay bales and dotted lines to trace various lines for prewriting skills. A large #2 pencil points at the red barn.

How can I use a morning menu with my preschooler?

Morning menus provide excellent learning opportunities for young learners. There are lots of ways to use these homeschool preschool morning menu printouts.

For simplicity, I insert selected printouts in our menu covers the night before and include dry erase markers, an eraser (or paper towel), a small tub of play-doh, and a manipulative such as craft pom-poms, rocks, or other fun object to use on the form it/shape it pages. This helps us start our homeschool day peacefully and mama is ready to roll first thing.

Here are a few ways to use the morning menu printables at home and in the classroom:

  • begin by encouraging your child to practice their name on the first page (I write in pencil dotted letters for younger kids who are still learning)
  • practice memory work
  • follow along lyrics of a folk song or hymn
  • sing the alphabet while your child points to each letter to improve letter recognition
  • ask your child to point to the letter and repeat the sound
  • Trace the letters using a dry-erase maker and make the letter shape with sticks, blades of grass, play dough, etc.
  • outline the letters with fun objects, such as pom poms, rocks, coins, various other craft supplies, handmade pieces of play dough, or nature finds.

And, this is just to get us started. 🙂

Add these activities to lesson plans, circle time (small group), hands-on learning time, field trip, farm activities, and farm unit for a perfect way to enhance your kids or students language development.

What can I include in morning time binder or morning menu?

  • lyrics of folk songs
  • bible verses and bible readings
  • facts and printouts for art study and composer study
  • outlines and facts for nature study
  • vocbulary words
  • prewriting skills
  • sight words
  • months of the year, days of the week
  • books of the bible
  • memory work
  • copy work
  • activities to accompany read alouds
  • visual schedule for the full day or morning time subjects

This list is just skimming the surface. As I develop these printouts for my kiddos, I will share them in the subscriber library.

If you desire more information on homeschooling and a Charlotte Mason Education, AmblesideOnline.org is a great resource.

This blog post does not contain affiliate links.

Free Farm Alphabet Cards – Great Addition to your Morning Menu!

Farm alphabet cards with three flash cards for letters ABC featuring lowercase and uppercase with watercolor images of apple and cow with gold stardust for decoration.

Add these Farm Alphabet Flash Cards to your Morning basket for FREE. CLICK HERE.

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Thanks for Stopping By!

Lastly, I want to thank you for stopping by! Please say Hi in the comment section and share a your favorite part of your homeschool journey or learning time together as a whole family or class. I’ll continue to update the morning menu bundle with various interactive resources and printouts. The good news is that all my digital products are going to be FREE.

Come grow with us by joining our monthly mailing list. I hope you have a beautiful day and happy early learning! I truly appreciate your support and kindness.

– With Great Joy, Katie


Homeschool preschool morning menu farm-themed free printables arranged together including images of watercolor barnyard, icons for each season, watercolor apple and fun gold stars on the background.

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