31 Best June Picture Books for Kids: Favorite Read Alouds

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June Picture Books for Kids. This June booklist for kids is filled with literary gems centered around summertime adventures, best friends, and ocean fun. I encourage you to grab your favorite ice cream and a picnic blanket for the perfect place to read some of these wonderful picture books with your little readers. This booklist for kids is the sixth of twelve monthly book lists, so make sure you sign up for my mailing list to have it delivered straight to your inbox. I hope you enjoy these beautiful stories throughout the month of June.
Please note that the targeted age range for this booklist is for 3-6 years old but you are never too old to enjoy a well written picture book.

Welcome to Sprinkled with Stories: A Story-Formed Childhood. Here is June Picture Books for Kids Booklist! Scroll to the pink box and grab your freebie and printable booklist.

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31 Best June Picture Books for Kids: Wholesome Read Alouds for the Month of June!

1. Verdi by Janell Cannon

A bright yellow young snake named Verdi fears growing up and becoming big and green. All the green snakes seem lazy, boring, and sometimes rude. Verdi looks at doing risky figure 8s and ends up hurting his body, requiring immobilization on a tree trunk while being watched by the boring green snakes. Even though he fights it, Verdi turns green but learns he doesn’t have to stop being himself just because he is getting old.

2. Armadillo’s Orange by Jim Arnosky

Armadillo is a solitary animal who cherishes the orange that distinguishes his home. But when the orange suddenly rolls away, he finds himself lost and unable to locate his home. To find his home, he needs help from his neighbors.

3. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

An enchanting story about the journey of a happy home through the years. The house’s journey begins in the countryside, but the city keeps creeping closer and closer.

4. On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole

After moving to her new home, Caroline discovers a wildflower on her lawn and builds a little fence around it. In time her wildflower preservation grows larger, consuming the entire lawn. Her dad joyfully sells the lawn mower, and Caroline turns her front yard into a beautiful meadow with a water source, trees, and beautiful flowers.

5. Mapping Sam by Joyce Hesselberth

Every night Sam, a cat who loves adventure, goes out to explore the neighborhood. This book is full of interesting facts and a great introduction to mapping. I included this book in the outdoor adventure booklist because I could not help but think of J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote, “I wisely started with a map.” Oh, how the imagination is sparked by the making of a map. I, also, think of Anne of Green Gables, as she labels “The Lake of Shining Waters.”

6. The Raft by Jim LaMarche

A boy dreads spending his summer on the river with his grandmother (known as the river rat), but he gradually falls in love with the river. He has some pretty amazing adventures on the raft. This book is such a good read and is sure to inspire young readers to seek outdoor adventures.

7. A Bedtime for Bear by Bonny Becker

Mouse is excited about a sleepover at Bear’s house, but Bear is very particular about absolute quietness when he is going to sleep. Mouse is finding it very difficult to be quiet. This fun book is sure to have your young readers giggling.

8. Snail Crossing by Corey R. Tabor

Snail has his eyes on the green leafy cabbage across the road. Along his journey, he demonstrates kindness and hospitality. He experiences a life-threatening obstacle only to find himself further from his dreamy head of cabbage. But his kindness towards the rowdy ants is returned. While humorous, Snail is a great example of demonstrating kindness even during hard times and trials.

9. A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen

Mr. Magee takes his dog, Dee, on a camping trip but they get into trouble with a marshmallow-loving bear. This is one of our favorite books from Chris Van Dusen. I love the simple rhyme and colorful illustrations.

10. Summertime in the Big Woods

My First Little House book series are picture books adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s chapter books. These books are a great way to introduce the characters and life in the big woods to young children. Celebrate the warm days of summer and the fun outdoors with Laura with colorful illustrations.

11. One-Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova

This fun book with bouncy rhyming text is about a little girl and her dog in a canoe. As they row down the river, they pick up quite a few passengers.

12. Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion

We love Harry! If you haven’t read Harry the Dirty Dog, it’s a great picture book to introduce to your little ones. Harry gets lost at the beach with his family. Everyone’s umbrellas look the same. Also, Harry gets mistaken for a sea creature. This one is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

13. Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger

This famous Octopus escapes from his aquarium to the sea. “Out of this tank, I must be free. I must explore the open sea!”

14. Over and Under the Waves by Kate Messner

We love the Over and Under series. This wonderful book explores the rich ecosystem of the brilliant deep from kelp forests, whales, seals, luminous jellies, and many other fascinating creatures. Rather than just being a factual book, the book tells the story of a family’s kayaking trip.

15. A House for a Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

The Hermit Crab outgrows his shell and must find a larger shell. The Hermit crab finds a plain shell and decorates his home with fellow sea animals. Again, he outgrows his shell, passing it down to a smaller crab.

16. Ocean Meets Sky by The Fan Brothers

The illustrations in this book caught my attention. The stories of Finn’s grandfather about the place where the sea and sky meet inspire him to build a ship and sail to discover this magical place and honor his grandfather.

17. Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey

A traditional family summer on a Maine Island with the excitement of the weather and even the terror of a hurricane, the quietness of the night, and the thrills of sailing are all portrayed in vibrant illustrations guided by poetic language.

18. Papa’s Mechanical Fish by Candace Fleming

Papa is a great inventor, but his inventions don’t necessarily work until he creates the mechanical fish. He takes quite a few tries to get the machine right. His family supports and helps him along the way. This book is based on true events and shares the story in the back of the book. While this book is not about oceans, I still wanted to include it. Once you read it, I believe you will see why.

19. Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran

This wonderful book is about an imaginary land with old wooden boxes and rocks becoming a play refuge for children. This is a fun way to spark the magic of a child’s imagination in play.

20. In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck

Alice is wide awake and can only sleep in a blue room. Her mama brings flowers, tea, a quilt, and lullabies, but Alice remains awake; however, when the light goes out, blue hues swirl around her room from the moonlight.

21. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

A mouse is taking a stroll through the deep dark woods, trying to avoid being a snack; he convinces the hungry forest creatures he is meeting the Gruffalo, a most fierce creature.

22. Shark Lady by Jess Keating

This ocean picture book gives a little glimpse into Eugenie Clark’s passion for sharks and her scientific contributions.

23. Watercress by Andrea Wang

This is a great book about a young girl who learns more about her family’s Chinese heritage while gathering watercress in a ditch on the side of the road. As the family wades through to gather the snail-covered watercress in a paper sack, she feels embarrassed, but discovers more about her mom. CONTENT WARNING: behavior, death of a family member, and reference to famine.

24. A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo

This sweet book is about a tiny piglet that finds her way to the Watson’s front door and mixes up their ordinary life on Deckawoo Drive!

25. Pete’s Pizza by William Steig

Pete’s father cheers him up by making a pizza, but this is no ordinary pizza. This pizza laughs when it’s kneaded. This book seemed like a perfect one on the Best June Picture Books for Kids Booklist to follow up with Father’s Day. [one of our favorite Father’s Day activities–> HERE]

26. Pond by Jim LaMarche

A group of kids spend their summer creating a beautiful pond from a little stream. The beautiful illustrations show the pond through the whole year of seasons. Each season has a different type of play. This is a perfect read for summertime and to bring some play inspiration to children.

27. Catch that Chicken by Atinuke

This sweet story is about Lami, the best chicken catcher in the village. Lami is fast, but one day, she falls out of the great baobab tree while chasing a chicken. With an ankle puffed up like an angry lizard, Lami learns a new way to catch chickens with the help of Nana Nadia.

28. Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats

Peter, the main character wants to whistle so his dog, Willie, will respond. He tries all day while doing the activities of an imaginative little boy in the city. At the day’s end, determined Peter gets it. Young children will love the bold, warm colors and the simple text.

29. Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Can the peddler outwit these silly hat-loving monkeys? I love the introduction to colors, the simple text, and the contrasting patterns for babies and toddlers.

30. We’re Going on A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

In this funny book and old nursery rhyme, the whole family goes on a bear hunt in the great outdoors. They traverse over various terrains and into a cave where they find a big shiny nose.

31. Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel

This book is a collection of short stories of two friends who do everything together, from learning to be brave, binging on irresistible cookies, and planting a garden. This treasury is a great addition to your child’s summer reading!

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