31 Best July Picture Books for Kids: Children’s Must-Read

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Best July Picture Books for Kids Booklist with children's books arranged in two rows with fun watercolor lettering and a fun slice of watermelon holding an ice cream cone.

July Picture Books for Kids. This July booklist for kids is filled with literary gems centered around summertime adventures, sweet memories, animal friendships, and heroes. I encourage you to grab your favorite ice cream and a picnic blanket for the perfect place to read some of these wonderful picture books with your little readers. This booklist for kids is the seventh of twelve monthly book lists, so make sure you sign up for my mailing list to have it delivered straight to your inbox. I hope you enjoy these beautiful stories throughout the month of July.
Please note that the targeted age range for this booklist is for 3-6 years old but you are never too old to enjoy a well written picture book.

Welcome to Sprinkled with Stories: A Story-Formed Childhood. Here is July Picture Books for Kids Booklist! Scroll to the pink box and grab your freebie and printable booklist.

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31 Best July Picture Books for Kids: Wholesome Read Alouds

1. The Lantern House by Erin Napier

If you adore The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall then you will love this heartwarming story about a happy home growing old with a family. However, as the windows become darker, paint crumbles, and boards creak, the house longs for a family to love it once again. This is such a beautiful book with lyrical text and a reminder to cherish each season of life.

2. Peach and Blue by Sarah Kilborne

Blue is a blue-bellied toad who has lost the delight of his pond. He wanders to a peach tree where he meets Peach, who longs to feel the dirt and experience life outside her tree. Along the way, Peach helps Blue see “the beautiful colors of beautiful things.”

This book is one of our favorites. We frequently borrow it from our local library. It’s time this treasure is added to our bookshelf.

3. The House that Jack Built by Bonnie Verburg

A young boy named Jack builds an amazing tree house with unique and brilliant features. My littles loved spotting all the different animals in his tree house. We discovered this book in 2022 at our local library, and my girls loved it so much that we added it to our bookshelf.

4. Hot Dog by Doug Salati

The city is hot, and this dog has had enough of the sizzling sidewalks. When the little red dachshund can take it no longer, he plops down in the middle of the crosswalk. His owner decides it’s time for a trip to the ocean and fresh air. The vivid illustrations are fun for young children to follow as the warm hues gradually change into the calm and cool colors of the ocean.

5. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber

A grumpy neighbor strongly dislikes this happy crocodile and insists that Lyle go live in the zoo. An escaped Lyle aids this cranky neighbor and becomes the welcomed and friendly neighborhood crocodile again. Younger children will love Lyle!

6. A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson

This is our all-time favorite frog book. This book is illustrated with splashes of moody watercolors to capture the bog. A frog, sits on a log, eating quite like a hog. He learns a lesson quickly about sitting on a “half-sunk log in the middle of the bog.” The rhyme and rhythm will have you reading it repeatedly.

7. Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

After a vicious attack from an Owl, Stellaluna is adopted into a nest of little birds. She is cared for by a mother bird. To remain in the nest, Stellaluna must put aside her differences and be “birdlike.” This is a great story to share with kids of all ages.

8. A Fine Dessert by Emily Jenkins and Sophie Blackall

This wonderful picture book details a delicious blackberry dessert throughout four centuries. The fine dessert is made in four different cities by four different families. It is truly fascinating to see how food, technology, and family culture have changed throughout history.
Here is our simple Blackberry Fool Recipe.
Recipe included.

9. Tucky Jo and Little Heart by Patricia Polacco

War is always hard to talk about. However, we must remember and honor those who fought for our country and our freedom. Patricia Polacco shares a true story based on Johnnie Wallen, a World War II veteran, who enlisted and served in the Pacific as the “Kentucky Kid.” Jon later known as Tucky gains respect as a marksman. But it’s his empathy and kindness towards a young Filipino girl who has been greatly traumatized by war that gives this book a place in our most beloved books. CONTENT WARNING: No explicit violence but author does address the horrors of war.

10. My Fourth of July by Jerry Spinelli

This is a sweet story of a small town American Fourth of July celebration! It is a joyful read about a little boy excited about all the festivities and fireworks, but first, there is a lot of work to prepare for the big event.

11. The Sun is Late and so is the Farmer by Philip C. Stead

This fun story is about a worried little barnyard trio on an epic journey to wake the sun. Young readers will love the suspense and mini adventure on the farm! More FARM picture books!

12. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Max, the wild child, misbehaves and is sent to his room. Immediately, his imagination takes off, and he becomes King of the Wild Things. This is a classic children’s book.

13. The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw

After learning about a rare plant in one of his botany books, Fox, a backpack explorer, adventures out to the mountain to find the golden glow.

14. Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

This amazing book is about the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his family, both the exciting and mundane events and tasks. The keeper logs everything from his baby’s birth to the rescues of wrecked sailors.

15. Dumplings for Lili by Melissa Iwai

I love that Nai Nai teaches Lili the secrets of the perfect baos, such as kneading the dough with love and being thankful for the ingredients. While making the baos together, her Nai Nai notices they are out of cabbage. Lili saves the day but first, she must help her neighbors and climb on so many stairs.
Recipe included.

16. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

The tiny town of Chewandswallow is unique in its weather forecast. It rained meals three times a day, and the townspeople enjoyed it until the weather got out of hand.

17. Memory Jars by Vera Brosgol

A young girl named Freda learns she can save her favorite delicious blueberries in a jar as blueberry jam. This gives Freda a clever idea of saving all her favorite things in jars, but it’s hard to enjoy many things stored safely inside a jar.

18. The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown

This beloved story is about a curious black kitten and a little island. The plot is simple, but the lesson is profound. No matter the size, even a tiny island, we are all a part of this world.

19. Amos and Boris by William Steig

An adventurous brown mouse named Amos meets disaster at sea and is rescued by Boris, a great whale. Boris returns his friend across the ocean to his home. After many years a hurricane brings Boris ashore. Amos has the opportunity to save Boris’ life, returning the whale’s mighty act years ago. CONTENT WARNING: Please be aware when Amos feels like all hope is gone, he does contemplate thoughts of death.

20. The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

The little mouse hurries to retrieve a red, ripe strawberry, but the narrator taunts him about the big hungry bear.

21. Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick

This is a sweet book about Harry Colebourn, A Canadian veterinarian who enlisted in service during World War I and purchased a beloved baby bear from a trapper at a train station. The beloved bear becomes the unit’s mascot and a gentle reminder of the Canadian’s home, Winnipeg. Winnie joins the troops during training, but when called to combat, Harry brings Winnie to the London Zoo. There at the zoo, a young boy named Christopher Robin Milne befriends Winnie, becoming the inspiration for the name of the famous bear, Winnie-the-Pooh.

22. Katie and the Sunflowers by James Mayhew

Picture Books are a fun way to introduce young children to famous painters. This great book is about Katie’s experience of five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne coming to life at an art museum.

23. The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

This story is about a man falling asleep at the base of the giant kapok tree while trying to chop it down. While sleeping all the living things whisper in his ear to save the tree.

24. Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Poor Gerald cannot dance. He is always buckling at the knees. After advice from a wise cricket to find a different song, his confidence increases as he learns to dance and hear the music differently.

25. My Chincoteague Pony by Susan Jeffers

A little black and white pony runs and splashes in the ocean on the front of the classic children's book "My Chincoteague Pony" by Susan Jeffers, a book on the Best July Picture Books for Kids booklist.
My Chincoteague Pony by Susan Jeffers

A young girl named Julie lives on a farm with cows and chickens, but she longs for a pony. Every year, there is an auction of ponies, and she plans to save her money, so maybe (just maybe) she can get her very own pony. This book is out of print. I recommend checking your local library.

26. Turtle in the Sea by Jim Arnosky

A sea turtle meets an bluish-green fish nose to nose in the bottom on the ocean on the book cover "Turtle in the sea."
Turtle in the Sea by Jim Arnosky

This aquatic picture book tells the story of a mother sea turtle’s journey. Keep an eye out for this one at secondhand stores and your local library. (This one is out of print)

27. The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

This heartwarming story is about a family’s summer visit to stay with distant kin. There are many hugs and memories shared. This is the perfect picture book to read if you are making a trip to see family with your young ones.

28. B is for Baby by Atinuke

Baby causes a bit of mischief hiding in a basket of bananas all the way to Baba’s bungalow on the back of brother’s bike. This fun book is a great way to work on the letter B with little ones.

29. Honey…Honey…Lion! by Jan Brett

This wonderful book is set on the African plain with beautiful illustrations by Jan Brett, featuring an African honey badger and a honeyguide bird. Badger thinks it is on the hunt for honeycomb, but there is a surprising twist, and they find THE African predator.

Featured Board Book

30. Jamberry by Bruce Degen

This book is filled with rhyme and rhythm as these two berry-loving friends embark on an adventure of berry-seeking.

Featured Children’s Treasury

31. Mouse Cookies and More: A Treasury by Laura Numeroff

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is one of our favorite books! I recommend the whole series. This children’s treasury includes four classic stories including:

  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • If You Take a Mouse to School
  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake
  • If You Give a Moose a Muffin


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Please note this booklist does not encompass a comprehensive list of all the themes and July holidays and is curated for ages 3-6 years old. I will continue to add more themed booklist. I most definitely need a list of great patriotic books for kids.


– With Great Joy, Katie


Best July Picture Books for Kids Booklist with children's books arranged in two rows with fun watercolor lettering and a fun slice of watermelon holding an ice cream cone.

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