18 Best Birthday Books for Kids: Read Aloud Fun

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Happy birthday balloons and birthday hat with decorative text and images of the Best birthday books for kids arranged in the background.

Birthday Books for Kids. This book list if full of the best picture books to celebrate the young reader in your life. Grab this book list and cuddle up with your birthday kid to celebrate them with a fun read aloud.

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18 Best Birthday Books for Kids: A Picture Book Collection for the Birthday Kid

1. A World of Wonder: A Story of Big Dreams, Amazing Adventures, and the Little Things that Matter Most by Laura Wifler

This sweet book is about a young girl named Cora who dreams of designing world wonders. When Cora is older, she returns to her hometown to transfer a house on top of a hill into a true world wonder. She learns life isn’t just about achievements but about giving generously and loving others well. This is a great book to share with the birthday kid to encourage him/her to dream big and value beauty in the ordinary.

2. Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know… by Melissa Kruger

“Whatever you do, wherever you start, I pray you love Jesus with all of your heart.”

This precious book is perfect for kids of all ages. While it is written with the younger audience in mind, I cannot help but add this book to May’s monthly booklist. The pages are filled with engaging and vibrant illustrations, reminding kids to dream big, but their true identity is in Jesus.

3. Twirl: God Loves You and Created You with Your Own Special Twirl by Emily Lex

This is a precious book for young girls filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations and encouraging girls to become exactly who God created them to be!

4. Build: God Loves You and Created You to Build in Your Own Brilliant Way by Emily Lex

This beautifully illustrated book features a young boy named Brady who loves to build. He becomes discouraged when he fails to build like the beaver, the spider, and the mama bird. Feeling down, he fears he is not a good builder after all. Yet, his woodland friends quickly remind him that “God made you and helps you from beginning to end to do all He’s created you to do.”

5. Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson

The beloved Bear wakes up from hibernation. He cannot get enough to eat. Bear wants more! Bear’s friends gather together to throw him a surprise party, but sweet Bear gets himself a little stuck. My favorite part about this picture book is the sweet nod to another beloved bear who finds himself stuck due to his love for honey.

6. If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff

Are you a fan of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? This sweet tale is very similar, to giving Pig balloons to her putting on her favorite dress, and inviting her friends to her party. It’s a delightful read for little ones with bright and bold illustrations.

7. A Birthday for Bear by Bonnie Becker

We love the Bear and Mouse books by Bonnie Becker. Bear doesn’t like parties, candles, or birthday cards. He doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday and would like to be left alone. But the sweet, small bright-eyed Mouse has bigger plans for Bear’s birthday.

8. Eeyore Has a Birthday by A. A. Milne

Gloomy ole Eeyore is sad because no one knows it’s his birthday but Pooh rallies his woodland friends to wish Eeyore Happy Birthday. I love that Eeyore finds joy in an empty honey pot and a deflated balloon.

9. Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry

This is a fun picture book filled with silly animals and ten essential rules for making the proper Birthday wish!

“The most important rule is #1: It must be your birthday.”

10. Click, Clack, Surprise! by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown’s Barnyard Tales always get us laughing and this one about Little Duck is one of our favorites. Everyone is getting ready for Little Duck’s birthday party. Little Duck wants to look his best for his party so he copies the other barnyard animals and becomes quite messy. This fun book is sure to bring some giggles for the birthday kid!

11. When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree by Jamie L. B. Deenihan

A young girl is upset that her grandma gives her a lemon tree for her birthday. The narrator instructs the little girl on how to behave when receiving an unwanted present. She follows the instructions carefully and discovers the lemon tree is exactly what she needs. The best part about this book is it could inspire a budding gardener.

12. Brambly Hedge: Spring Story by Jill Barklem

This charmingly illustrated picture book depicts the mice of Brambly Hedge relishing the fair weather and blooming flowers, eagerly anticipating sunny day escapades. The narrative follows Mr. Apple as he orchestrates a surprise birthday celebration for a young mouse who worries about being forgotten. If you appreciate Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and similar stories, you will likely adore this delightful series.

13. A Little House Birthday (My First Little House Books)

This classic birthday book is adapted from the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. While this picture book is not my first choice for celebrating a Birthday, I wanted to include it on the booklist. Laura must sit quietly all day on Sunday as it’s the Sabbath and little ones are not allowed to run and play. She cannot wait for Sunday to be over. Her anticipation builds as Monday nears to celebrate her 5th birthday.

Board Books

14. Birthday Monsters! by Sandra Boynton

The Birthday Monsters have an unusual way of celebrating your birthday rather than spreading joy, they wreak havoc but don’t worry these crazy party crashers will return the fun after all the crashing is complete.

15. Happy Birthday Mouse by Laura Numeroff

This is a sweet birthday-themed board book from the author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

16. Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit

The world of Beatrix Potter feels so magical and perfect for celebrating a little one’s birthday. This board book is charming. It’s Peter Rabbit’s birthday but he is feeling lonely. Everyone seems so busy (as they prepare for his special surprise).

OOP Books – Two Classics Out of Print

17. A Farmer Boy Birthday (My First Little House Books)

A little farmer boy sleds down a snowy hill on the front of the adapted picture book from the Little House book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, a book on the best birthday books for kids booklist.

This classic picture book is adapted from the Little House Books. It is out of print but available at secondhand bookstores. Don’t forget to check the public library. In this sweet book, Almanzo gets to skip school for his birthday and handle a big task. His father gives him a yoke to train his calves. Almanzo is now old enough to do important things all by himself.

18. Babar’s Birthday Surprise by Laurent de Brunhoff

A town of elephants march behind Babar and his family as the children lead him towards his big birthday surprise on the brightly illustrated picture book "Babar's Birthday Surprise by Laurent de Brunhoff, a book on the best birthday books for kids booklist.

Babar is a bit nostalgic for this mama. I love the wholesome classic books. This one was first published in the 70s. It is no longer in print but can be borrowed from your local library or found at a secondhand bookstore. In this classic read-aloud, Queen Celeste wants to surprise King Babar with a statue of himself but it is an adventure to keep it a secret.

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Happy birthday balloons and birthday hat with decorative text and images of the Best birthday books for kids arranged in the background.

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